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A Magical Soft, Comforting Nightlight For A Peaceful, Restful Sleep!
Star Belly Dream Lites®

Soft Comfortable Friend

Your child will love cuddling with
their plush friend day and night

Star Belly Dream Lites®

Magical Moving Patterns

Glowing stars and fun shapes
drift over walls and the ceiling

Star Belly Dream Lites®

A Rainbow Of Colors

Simply pressing on the belly
changes the color of the light

Introducing Star Belly Dream Lites®

The new huggable, plush night light! Star Belly Dream Lites® make bed time fun! Your little ones will love sleeping and cuddling with their new glowing, plush friend! Made of a huggable, soft and plush design, Star Belly Dream Lites® are perfect for snuggling and cuddling at bed time! Star Belly Dream Lites® comfort kids who are afraid of the dark, so they can sleep soundly. Simply press the button on the belly to turn on the night light and it projects a starry sky onto the ceiling, instantly! Star Belly Dream Lites® will illuminate your child’s room just enough to make them feel safe and calm.

Star Belly Dream Lites® light up the ceiling like magic! With 6 colors to choose from your child will have endless fun picking their favorite color! Star Belly Dream Lites® projects white, pink, blue, light blue, green, and amber. Your child can cycle through all 6 colors at once. Star Belly Dream Lites® glow a soothing light from their Belly too! Mobile Motion™ mechanism rotates the star lights and will lull your child to sleep. With two speeds available you can choose from slow and fast. Star Belly Dream Lites® can sit up or lay down! Perfect for play time and bed time! Star Belly Dream Lites® comes in a variety of different plush friends to choose from and each with their own unique personality! Collect them all! Have your child cuddle up next to their new favorite night time companion with Star Belly Dream Lites®!

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